Our kitchens are built in wood, directly in our factory.


The main characteristic of wood is to maintain its properties of strength and resistance over time,

unlike other materials used in the kitchen world.


Being a natural material, wood does not require maintenance and does not deteriorate over time.

An important advantage of wood is its resistance to weight, which makes it the best material to choose for a kitchen that lasts over the years.

The doors are 22 mm thick and can be made of oak, ash or linden blockboard, depending on the type of finish you choose for your kitchen.

The hinges used are of the BLUM brand, a leading company in the sector, with soft closing.

In the kitchen models without handles, we create the beveled groove on wood, in the same color as the door, to give an excellent tactile sensation and ease of cleaning.

The internal sides of the drawers exploit all the available height, allowing you to be able to stack, for example, more pots in an orderly manner.

They are made of solid ash, with dovetail gluing, a feature that expresses the craftsmanship of our product and increases its resistance.

We collaborate with the BLUM company for the use of all the sliding guides of the full extension drawers,

with slow closing and opening.

The wall units are made in completely customized heights, according to the size of the kitchen.

They are available with hinged or vasistas opening. The vasistas is one of the most versatile solutions because it allows, once the wall unit with BLUM arms is opened, to obtain total visibility of the interior.



An important strength is the painting of the kitchens made inside our factory.


The interiors and exteriors of our kitchens are water-stained with the highest quality scratch-resistant paint.

The lacquering is completely customizable, according to our samples or specifications requested by the customer.



The space in the kitchen is fundamental, for this reason we pay particular attention to the accessories for the containment

and we supply a wide range of products.


To take advantage of the corner, an excellent solution is the removable baskets with soft closing, without losing the work surface and easy to use.

In columns the use of double-extractable columns, made up of removable and height-adjustable containers, increase the order in the containment and the daily practicality

The idea of using the corner as a real "room" is original and the study of the solution becomes important.

Our pantry offers unprecedented containment, it is also possible to enter thanks to the step integrated into the base, and easily access food.

The 30 cm pull-out columns are very practical, usually made with an aluminum structure.

We have chosen to build them with the same processing of the drawers, to offer greater containment and excellent

aesthetic impact.

The interiors of our chests of drawers can be customized according to your needs, for example the use of custom wooden cutlery trays allows you to build them together with us based on the size of the tools to be stored.



In our opinion, the kitchen must be unique, because everyone has their own personality.

For this reason we are always looking for innovative materials for the worktop of your wooden kitchen.


We have the best manufacturers and processors of QUARTZ, GRES, GRANITE, MARBLE and OKITE at our disposal.


Our top depth standard is 64 cm, which guarantees an excellent work area and easy cleaning.


The quartz agglomerate top is one of the best choices, because it is antibacterial and does not absorb stains.

In the photo a top and quartz top, with exclusive workings, optical white combined with our Country kitchen

with frame door.

The gres top has a modern and gritty appearance, in some effects it faithfully reproduces the appearance of trendy materials. It has the same characteristics as quartz and a high heat resistance.

In the photo, the top and noir desire stoneware top polished in combination with our kitchen mod. Eva. and ease of cleaning.


The quartz agglomerate top is one of the best choices, because it is antibacterial and does not absorb stains.

In the photo a top and quartz top, with exclusive workings, optical white combined with our Country kitchen

with frame door.

Granite is one of the most resistant natural stones.

It goes well with trendy neo-chic kitchens, but also on contemporary kitchens to enhance the grain.

In the photo the top in brushed Matrix granite combined with our kitchen mod. Eva.

Marble represents excellence and elegance in any environment.

It goes well with important classic trend kitchens, with special shapes that highlight the importance of the kitchen.

In the photo, the top in white marble with shaped upstand combined with our kitchen mod. Gold with gold leaf.


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