Snaidero cucine is a historic and prestigious brand for over 70 years.

A great experience that comes from a long history, made of tradition and innovation.

The artisan care and technological research, in fact, constitute the concrete guarantee of quality and durability that has always been distinctive of Snaidero kitchens.

Each kitchen produced by Snaidero is designed and built entirely in Italy, in Majano (Friuli).

All this takes place through a production process that is started for each individual order, where the processing is then performed

ad hoc, to make custom-made kitchens. That is, taking into account the individual customization, which therefore no longer constitutes the exception, but rather the production standard, guaranteed for the individual customer.

This is made possible by the high level of craftsmanship of the "tailored" department operators: a veritable carpentry shop in the very heart of the factory.

Leader Mobili presents a wide range of Snaidero kitchens in its Showroom, starting with the new Snaidero Vision by Pininfarina.



Snaidero realizes the entire process of lacquering kitchens directly in its factory in Majano, in a wide range of colors and finishes.

And this always combining the latest generation technologies with the best craftsmanship and manual processes.

The only ones, still today, able to guarantee the care and the qualitative excellence that the Company expects in the realization of its many surfaces in production and with the most different shapes.


More recently, Snaidero has reaffirmed its natural vocation for continuous innovation.

In fact, a new technology is presented, of close and unprecedented automotive derivation: the micalized lacquering.

A type of finish that once again revolutionizes the industry standards relating to the painting of domestic surfaces. In fact, as a reflective agent, mica is introduced for the first time. That is a mineral with a characteristic and strong brilliance that, by easily leafing through small scales, allows to obtain effects similar to those of the metalized, but much cleaner and brighter. Unique in creating surfaces of discreet beauty and, at the same time, highly sought after and precious.


The new Snaidero Vision kitchen presented in our Leader Mobili showroom, with fluid lines that evoke ergonomics, centrality of the person and pure emotion, is composed of matt gray micalised lacquered doors.



Snaidero kitchens, in the choice of raw materials, in the projects of architects and designers, in the services it offers, in the sustainability of production processes, in technological innovation and in social responsibility, work so that the kitchen is a place you can trust.

FOR ALL LIFE. This is why Snaidero guarantees kitchen furniture for 10 years.

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