Our kitchens are made entirely of wood, both externally and internally.

Door thickness is 22 mm, and can be oak, ash or lime,
depending on the type of finish you choose for your kitchen;

The interior partitions are laminated wood thickness 20 mm,
while the backs are in 12 mm multilayer.

As you can see are thicknesses that are not used by the producer of industrial kitchens in series:
our strength is the quality because the kitchen must not only be beautiful but should last and do not cause problems, as this is the type of furniture most used and used in a house;



In our kitchens it is used only high-quality hardware;

The slide rails and door hinges are Blum brand, synonymous ofresistance in time and technology.

Hinges and slide guides that we use have the slowdown function integrated in both classic and modern models;

We have a wide range of accessories in the interior of baskets and furniture at an angle, like the extractable angle in steel and cutlery wood interior;


The interior and exterior of our kitchens are tintate water scratch resistant paint,
the colors do not change over time and will not fade.

We have our laboratory internal painting, you can then request a customized sample of the color you want to apply for your kitchen, if you do not find the right one in our exposure.




We have a large range of samples handles or knobs:
classic style, embellished with Swarovski Elements, to modern.




We handle all kinds of work top for your kitchen, from the elegance of marble to

the practicality of the top quartz, granite, Okite.


We offer different solutions such as the collection of the work plan for the board of oak to give more momentum to the kitchen and make it even more unique.





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